Virtual therapy services is available now.You can choose anyone you like from any cities and let us know!

Lets stay home to fight covid-19!Wishing all great health and always comply safe distancing!

China is now open for booking!中国开始接单 Cheers,Club1069

About Us

Welcome to Club1069spa, We covers the following cities on the right. If you would like to make a booking with us,

Please get the following details ready: 

  1. Choose two of your favourite masseurs in the city you are in.

  2. Please let us know which type of techinques you preferred and which role and we will recommend accordingly.

  3. Get the venue address ready and the booking time.

If you are currently overseas and would like to make future booking,

You can contact us via whatsapp: +6583430000. Thank you!

PS: Information given to us are treated confidentially and discreet.


We are always here to welcome new masseurs,You will need to have the following criteria:

  1. Good body

  2. Honesty

  3. above 22 years old

  4. Have a passion in what you are doing.

  5. Good looking

    6.Get 4-5 different background real life photo and a personal video not more than 15 seconds ready.

Please  whatsapp at +6583430000 to send us your photo,video,simple introduction,profile and the present city you are available.